Name That Food 105

September 16, 2011

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By Riki Shore

Name That Food 105

Hint: this food goes well with a glass of (preferably raw) milk

My father-in-law hates chocolate (except the white variety, which many people would argue isn’t even true chocolate), but this sweet is purportedly one of his favorites. It was always in the cupboard when Rob was growing up, in one or more of its 54 incarnations.

These still find their way into children’s lunchboxes, and there are gluten-free options available, too. Thomas Keller published a terrific recipe for his own take on this classic American snack. The manufacture calls this product “seductive”, “tantalizing” and “classically simple”. Do you know if the oils listed below are good for you? Do you know what vanillin is?Do you know what this snack is? See below for the answer.

Enriched Flour
High Oleic Canola Oil and/or Palm Oil and/or Canola Oil and/or Soybean Oil
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Leavening (Baking Soda and/or Calcium Phosphate)
Soy Lecithin

This is the original Oreo cookie. I have to agree with Nabisco on the “classically simple” claim. I mean, what could be better than two chocolate cookies sandwiching a vanilla cream filling?

It’s important to remember that this food is nutritionally void and is high in sugar and carbs (and here’s why you should be limiting sugars in your diet). The LA Times recently covered the release of the new Triple Double by Nabisco.

That said, our favorite gluten-free variety is Glutino’s Dream Cookies in Chocolate Vanilla Creme. And if you’re not gluten-free, I highly recommend you whip up a batch of TKOs (Thomas Keller Oreos). They make great cookies for ice cream sandwiches, too.

Here are few healthier alternatives for your afternoon snack:

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