Eggs on Our Doorstep

January 17, 2012

in Food News

By Riki Shore

Four Sisters Heritage & Rare Breed Eggs

As a good friend of mine says, we rocked a move this weekend. Last week we packed all our belongings – even the spices and hangers and every last pillowcase – and got on a plane from Los Angeles to Durham, NC.

For a lot of reasons, it made sense to come back to Durham. We’ve lived here (twice) before, once when Rob was getting his Masters and once when he was getting his PhD.¬†I know some people do that in one swoop, but we’ve always chosen the more complicated road, as another friend reminded me before we left LA.

It was 75 degrees outside when we left LA and 25 when we pulled into the driveway of our new house. We cut our rent in half and were eager to check out our new digs. Four bedrooms, a fireplace, a gourmet kitchen, not one but two porches. Living outside a city definitely has its perks.

My mother living five minutes away is another benefit. She had stocked the fridge with staples (and turned on the heat!) earlier in the day, so when we arrived the place wasn’t completely empty.

Another friend showed up the next morning with fresh flowers, hot coffee and a box of sweet clementines.

On the afternoon of our first full day here, I left a check for $12 under a watering can on the porch. I had arranged for a delivery from Four Sisters Heritage & Rare Breed Eggs.

Four Sisters is organized and run by four homeschooled girls (yes, sisters). Their chickens free range all day in the woods north of Durham and are fed locally milled organic whole food feed and scratch from Reedy Fork Farm in Elon along with produce from Weaver Street Market.

I went out to lunch and when I came back, two adorable boxes of eggs awaited me. They were some of the most beautiful and charming things I’ve ever received, especially right after moving.

Rob hardboiled a couple of eggs for his lunch at Duke. I made a frittata with leftover swiss chard. Stella ate hers fried into what we call Egg Toast.

Once I unpack a few more boxes, I’ll have those (and many more) new recipes for you. Soon, I promise.

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