Cumin and Citrus Roasted Carrots

June 1, 2012

These days I’m restless and bored with cooking. I need new inspiration and new dishes. Usually when this happens I start perusing my cookbooks, but right now, my cookbooks are packed into a container ship heading to the UK, along with all my other earthly belongings. That’s right – we’re moving to Scotland in a few weeks. We’ll be living in a little cottage on a 1200 acre cattle farm outside of St Andrews. If you Google the address, you see a map with a lot of green and some tiny white dots. Zoom in, and those dots turn into […]

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Grilled Skirt Steak in Red Wine Vinegar Marinade

May 25, 2012

This time of year all I want to do is cook on the grill. We’ve been lucky in North Carolina. We’ve had a true spring, complete with cool days and warm breezes and, for the most part, an absence of mosquitoes. It’s about to change, but right now, the weather is perfect for ducking out the back door and throwing a steak on a hot grill. Skirt steak works well with all kinds of marinades, but especially those that contain citrus, vinegar or tamari. The acid in the marinade helps break down the tough fibers of the steak, making the […]

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Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Miso Butter

May 18, 2012

These Brussel sprouts are essentially a mash-up of two David Chang recipes. The flavor profile comes from the corn sauteed with miso butter from his Momofuku cookbook, and the cooking method is similar to roasted Brussel sprouts with fish sauce and mint. With a few advance preparations, they come together in just over 30 minutes, making them a great go-to weeknight side dish. (And with my busy schedule, I need more recipes like this.) I admit I didn’t grow up eating Brussel sprouts. Actually, I didn’t get through my 20’s or 30’s eating Brussel sprouts, either. It wasn’t until the last few years […]

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My Top 3 Do-Ahead Dinners

May 11, 2012

We’ve been super busy lately, traveling, reading, exploring and visiting friends and cousins. We’ve been to Boston, where we dipped our fingers in the new shark and ray touch-tank at the New England Aquarium; gazed awestruck at the modern Alex Katz prints and ancient gemstone jewelry at the Museum of Fine Arts; and got thoroughly inspired by the mechanical sculpture of Arthur Ganson at the MIT Museum. We’ve been picking strawberries (for sorbet) and house-sitting the baby chicks from Stella’s UNC science class. We’ve tried to get in some stargazing, but the weather hasn’t complied…maybe it will for the Venus […]

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Strawberry Sorbet

May 1, 2012

By Riki Shore My policy these days is to not eat dessert unless it’s a special occasion. Luckily, those come around fairly often! This past weekend we celebrated my mother’s birthday with a true Sunday lunch. We had a rack of lamb roasted with herbs and garlic, roasted asparagus and kabocha squash. For dessert, I made a coffee ice cream (my mom’s favorite), but it didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. Thankfully, I made a second dessert, as I’m wont to do, and it was outstanding – a strawberry sorbet made with berries that Stella and […]

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Curried Tuna Salad

April 26, 2012

By Riki Shore When we lived in Los Angeles, I’d treat myself to Intelligentsia coffee as often as I could afford it. No matter how often I stopped in, I made it a point never to eat there. They didn’t offer anything other than stale-looking breakfast pastries, none of which were gluten-free. When they opened their Pasadena location, they ventured into the world of food service, offering a full lunch menu catered by an outside source. I still didn’t take the food seriously, figuring that a place that serves such good coffee couldn’t also master food service. But it stayed […]

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Porterhouse Steak

April 22, 2012

By Riki Shore One of the best things about homeschooling is that we can do what we want when we want. Last year Rob travelled about every eight weeks and we almost never tagged along because of Stella’s school schedule. This year we decided to change that. When Rob began planning a week in Washington, DC, I started plotting out a week’s worth of free museums and monuments, and visits with cousins. Last week in DC we managed to see the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, the White House, as well as the Hope Diamond at the Museum of […]

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Chewy Chocolate Meringues for Sale

April 6, 2012

By Riki Shore This weekend my daughter and I made these Chewy Chocolate Meringues for her table at a kid’s marketplace. The idea was simple: kids would sell wares they’ve made by hand and manage the money transactions themselves. As a homeschool family, we’re always looking for constructive and fun ways to connect with other children, and the marketplace seemed to offer a great opportunity. She’d be practicing discipline, planning, time management, measuring, counting, marketing, and sales all in one go. With any luck, she’d make some money to boot. In addition to the meringues, we decided to make chocolate […]

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Adobo Chicken

April 3, 2012

By Riki Shore I came across this recipe for Filipino-flavored chicken drumsticks one night back in December, when I had bought a “family pack” of drumsticks from Whole Foods with no plan or idea of how to cook them. I almost always buy a whole bird so that I get the benefit of the bones and organs to use for stock. But I had been to a friend’s house and she was cooking drumsticks. They looked so cute and cheerful. And easy. Before I knew it, they were in my cart. Once home, I looked at the drumsticks, perplexed, like […]

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Tahini Chicken Salad

March 31, 2012

By Riki Shore Tahini is not one of my pantry staples. I don’t know why. I like the flavor of it – kind of earthy and tangy with a luxuriant mouth feel from the fat in the sesame seeds. It pairs so well with lemon and garlic that it brightens up almost any dish. Last week I bought a tub of tahini to make a kale salad I had read about. It was great on the kale – definitely try that one. But once the kale was eaten, I still had nearly a cup of tahini dressing to contend with. […]

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