Back in May, just before we moved to Scotland, Saveur ran an article that featured a Corsican chestnut cake. The article talked about how chestnuts are the prize crop of Corsica, the mountainous Mediterranean island that claims to be the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and Christopher Columbus. David McAninch, the article’s author, was more interested in gastronomy than history, entitling his article Pleasure Island. Corsican flavors run towards a plethora of local ingredients: wild game stews, pungent soft cheeses, fish soups, and fragrant herbs. Desserts almost always call into service the citrus and chestnuts that grow in abundance on the […]

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Spiced Pecans

March 24, 2012

in Recipes,Snacks

By Riki Shore Candied, toasted or spiced nuts are a staple in our house. We snack on them, eat them on the go, add them to salads and stir-fries, and call them dessert. Recipes for spiced nuts abound. One common method calls for tossing a frothy egg white with the nuts and spices; when baked, the egg white acts as a binder and creates a delicate crust on the outside of the nuts. The result can be delicious, but I prefer a less fussy technique. These spiced pecans are tossed with melted butter, spices, sugar and salt. Once evenly coated, […]

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By Riki Shore These are one of my daughter’s favorite snacks and as such, they are a staple in our house. They’re simple to make and they pack a punch nutritionally: lots of protein and healthy fat, and substantial calories to fill you up til the next meal. You can easily substitute almonds, walnuts, or macadamias in this recipe; just watch the cooking time so the nuts don’t burn. A note about the olive oil: it’s worth it here to use a special, high quality, fruity olive oil. Use one that you like the taste of on its own, and […]

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